in action

Working on following projects:

footsteps in water II . Fußspuren in Wasser II

Photo project, big water basin, ground, sun, walking people.

It seems as if we are unable to see with our eyes all the different footsteps in water, all over the world. If we look with our heart, we ought to see the essential. Walking people create their own footprints out of water basin on the ground, sun delets them, but photos show afterwards that they were there.

GET INSIDE - playing identities . KOMM REIN - Identitätenspiel

Photo project with possible identities. Participating artists: Dennis Peschke, Alex Rutz.

Candlelight moments . Kerzenscheinmomente

A video project. People telling their perhaps unreflected dreams and wishes for the future world. 

Certainly believing that everything happened in candlelight, never happened, but could happen.

Apartment in WISDOM . Wohnung in WEISHEIT

Installation in an empty apartment. Playing with a thicket of rubber strings, quotes, texts, and soundings. Every visitor has the opportunity to further develop the installation. Be curious.

out of balance . außer Balance

Installation and performance with a free acting master of balance and twelve visitors at most. Will they balance the disk? See more.

the sound of your way . Klang deines Weges

We all go our ways, leaving a trace. Everyone their own. Does this way sound?

In the tunel of sound everyone is able to create and hear the individual sound of their way. The others outside can only hear this sound, creating their own ways in their phantasy. Change your création.

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