footsteps in water I . Fußspuren in Wasser I

Création for the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe art lottery.

It seems as if we are unable to see with our eyes all the different footsteps in water, all over the world. If we look with our heart, we ought to see the essential. At first, the création seems to be nothing. Touching it, this will change, and in a different light shadows show more.


new_home: elsewhere . neue_Heimat: anderswo

Video installation in combination with the "Winterreise" of Franz Schubert. 12 people searching to establish new homes all over the world sended private video material, of which the installation is made of.
Premiere: 12.12.2020, 20:30 utc+1, youtube,


POLOs from eternity . POLOs aus der Ewigkeit

Text on Polos. No, not the car, the shirt. Worn by ordinary people in normal or special moments of their lives and in a playful photo session. Reading people can react, playful communication could begin.

In cooperation with the fashion brand "cristiano catalano".